Live streaming

Breakout & Demo Rooms

Virtual Booths


One-on-One Meets

Inbuilt Interactive Live Sessions

Virtual Event Sessions are specific speaker sessions that can be hosted virtually in real-time or can be accessed on-demand elevating the attendee experience.


Rooms for breakout and demos

Host virtual event & organize breakout sessions for your attendees. Provide your premium exhibitors access to Demo rooms in order to provide leads with engaging virtual demos.


Virtual booths

Virtual booths are another unique proposition of the product that provides sponsors and exhibitors with an online space to market their product or service.


Lounge for one on one meets

The all-new networking lounge is a bliss for attendees to feel closer to an in-person event. Interactions in virtual networking lounge are similar to the physical one.


Want to host an amazing Hybrid Event?

Make events about people, not places